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Opening Hours: Thursdays - Sundays, 10am - 5pm

Mrs. Secondhand House and Property Clearance Service

Make the transition to the next stage of life easier for you or a loved one.

House and Property Clearance

Mrs. Secondhand house and property clearance service is ideal for families moving an elderly relative into a retirement or aged care facility, anyone downsizing to a smaller home or moving overseas. We clear the entire contents of the property, if you have already done this and just want to sell the household furniture please go to the “We Buy” page and follow the instructions there.

Moving home is tough both physically and mentally especially when moving to a place where you can’t take everything with you. At Mrs. Secondhand, we have many years experience clearing households and entire properties in Melbourne and Regional Victoria. In addition to clearing the property we have the experience and know how when it comes to assessing goods for sale, donating or rubbish.

Here at Mrs.Secondhand we’re interested in furniture and contents from all eras, from antique to modern day. If they’re in great condition then we’re interested in having them in our warehouse shop.

How does the house and property clearance process work?

We sort and pack up the entire household contents including sheds, garages and under houses and put all items into 4 major categories:

  1. What you want to keep
  2. What is sellable
  3. What is donate-able
  4. What is rubbish.

We also neatly pack the items you want to keep.

We stand out from most clearance companies because we not only have years of experience clearing households, but we can either sell or donate your furniture and other household items, reducing disposal costs. We organise the lot and clear your property with minimal fuss.

How long does a house and property clearance take?

Most house and property clearances take anywhere from 1-3 days depending on the size of the home and how much contents there is.

How much does a house and property clearance cost?

You can make some great savings with our service because of our ability to resell and donate most of the furniture and household items. We work with all budgets and are mindful of keeping costs down so you can spend more on what really matters. Like  someone’s care, retirement or moving expenses. Including rubbish disposal and after we’ve purchased items for resale clients can pay anywhere between $500 – $12,000.

How do I start clearing a house or property?

Call Jody for an obligation free chat about how our house/property clearance service can work for you and your family.

Call 0422 166 132

  We also neatly pack the items you want to keep.

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