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Do you need help decluttering your home?

Mrs. Secondhand & sister business Pack Up Your Troubles can help you.


Our sister company Pack Up Your Troubles, established in 2011, has been working in the decluttering space way before the “trend” exploded. Our practical, down to earth approach has been applauded by many of our valued clients. We get the job done with minimal fuss whilst also supporting people through the process of letting go of unnecessary items that are clogging up their homes.

Part of our process is to teach people the basic principles of decluttering so that they can continue the practice without us. Decluttering is a process that gets repeatedly done in any home, however it can be tough mental and physical work and most people struggle to get started. You can chip away for years or you can call the experts at Pack Up Your Troubles to assist you through it and achieve life changing results.

We can offer a cost effective decluttering service in Melbourne and Regional Victoria to suit everyone’s budget and we won’t make you get rid of anything you’re not ready to let go of.

  We also neatly pack the items you want to keep.

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