House Clearance


House Clearance

Ideal for families who are faced with a deceased estate/mum & dad moving into retirement home/aged care. We organise the lot!

At mrs.secondhand we offer COMPLETE HOUSE CLEARANCE solutions for anyone who needs the whole household contents sorted/packed up,removed and sold.

It can be emotionally heart wrenching and difficult for family members to deal with, with our expertise & knowledge we can put together a cost effective package that can see a whole house packed up in no time. Our excellent processes and resources enable us to do the work fast & efficiently.

It may also be possible for you to make some $ from items we’re interested in selling in our store.We come out and sort all household items into categories such as items to sell, donote & rubbish.We try to avoid adding items to land fill as best we can.

Call us directly for further information, don’t just call a rubbish removal company who can and will charge thousands of $$$.

mrs.secondhand = the one stop shop for HOUSE CLEARANCE SERVICES

Call the HOUSE CLEARANCE hotline: 0408 233 497 or 0422 166 132

We do not do house visits to evaluate furniture, if you want to sell items please go to our Buy/Sell tab for all information.