Deceased Estates/Property Clearance


Deceased Estates/House Clearance Services

Dealing with a deceased estate?

Mum & dad moving into a retirement home/aged care?

Dealing with the entire contents of a deceased estate/household can be daunting & extremely emotional at a time when you’re mourning the loss of a loved one.

Families often rush in and dispose of items that we would be interested in having in our shop.

Before you clear any items call Jody directly – 0422 166 132 for more information.


mrs.secondhand & our sister company – Pack Up Your Troubles, have been working in this area of expertise for many years. We are extremely thorough and clear entire properties fast & efficiently. We communicate clearly with clients through every step of the process and often find items families mistakenly over look.

Figuring out how to get started and what to do with a loved ones belongings can be stressful.We eliminate that stress by using tried & tested processes to do the physical clearing work quickly whilst sorting items & knowing what is sellable. We know that it can take a long time & be emotionally exhausting if it’s not your area of expertise.

We have many resources that we use to get the job done once & properly.

We continue to work with many community & not for profit organisations because we are well trusted, reliable & honest operators. We work hard to ensure families are happy with the final results and re-assured their loved ones possessions/family home is treated with the respect that it deserves.


We sort,pack up & clear the entire contents. We sort the entire property/household contents into 3 major categories – what is sellable, donate-able & whats rubbish. We have a huge list of charities/not-for-profit organisations and artists who we donate items to, so we can often save you $$ on rubbish costs and we do our best to avoid stuff going in to land fill.

We also recognise the value of household goods for re-sale in our shop. Unfortunately many people also throw out many items we could have sold. Let us, the experts in this area, help you with this.


Pack Up Your Troubles manages the practical sorting, donating & rubbish removal and the sellable items come to mrs.secondhand’s warehouse shop. We clear entire properties (including garages/sheds/under houses) and can organise all services needed to prepare a property for sale or settlement, including tradesmen, gardeners & cleaners.

With the combination of both our businesses – mrs.secondhand & Pack Up Your Troubles – we can offer a complete house/property clearance service for all budgets. Our sensitive, sensible, cost effective solutions will have the property cleared in no time.

We cover all suburbs in Melbourne and country Victoria locations.


Call Jody for an obligation free chat – 0422 166 132 about how our service can assist you & your family.