At mrs. secondhand, buying & selling secondhand goods is in our blood. Jody grew up in a family house clearance/auctioneering business and Wayne was working at markets in Somerset, England from his early teens. We have a genuine passion for secondhand goods and love uncovering the stories behind the goods.

At mrs.secondhand we play fair! We aim to give sellers a fair price for their goods and buyers a BARGAIN!

We also operate a decluttering/packing business PACK UP YOUR TROUBLES and work with numerous not for profit/community organisations to assist/support their clients.

So with a combination of both businesses we can offer COMPLETE SOLUTIONS for house clearance, deceased estates and preparing properties for sale.

mrs.secondhand sells online via Gumtree & Facebook and sells Globally. Our Warehouse Store buys/sells local…..just the way our customers like it.